Poison River Station, day 1023

And so we found ourselves, the fellowship of four, listening to the horrible countdown while the TV camera got closer and closer… but let us start from the beginning.
Some time ago a radio broadcaster called Dado Milman got his hands on a copy of "The Universe In A Pita". He liked it very much, and promised to broadcast songs from it in his programme – "Cannot Sleep" at Galatz (Tel Aviv: 104FM; rest of country: dunno). He actually played one of the songs ("Ectoplasma") even before talking to me – and talk to me he did. He told me that he wants us also to appear in a TV show he's working for, in the new commercial channel (channel 10 or something of the sort – I still don't have a TV here so I wouldn't know). He talked of a short interview and a "videoclip" that would be made of a selected songwhich will also be played in his radio programme continuosly.
I agreed majestically for all of this, convinced Dado that the selected song should be "My Uncle Bought Me A Time Machine" (instead of "Ectoplasma"), and waited patiently for the next radio prog (every thursday, 02:00). Me and H, the Pita script writer, sat at his place for three hours and listened to Josy Katz talking – for that particular programme contained just about nothing else.
I was somewhat pissed off by this. I called Dado and explained that people who promise me things had better keep their promises else I ain't gonna talk to them again – you getting my drift, sire? He got it. Big promises were made, and I set to re-master all the Pita material in order to have it ready for next thursday.
First, Idan and I spent a saturday improving all the Pita mixes. Then all was ready for mastering, which was done done at Nathan Cohen's place the next tuesday. Unfortunately, after all the effort it was still unfinished, and Ectoplasma turned out to be problematic and had to be re-mixed. Alas – a software update I've made several days earlier killed all my mix data. Despite everything I got some more Nathan Time on thursday, only several hours before the deadline. It was a crazy day – driving to and from Nathan (we did crazy things to Ectoplasma in order to fix it), playing at a rehearsal stuck most inconveniently in between everything else, doing a bit of work for the firm and some other stuff. I got home at about midnight, had the CDs ready for Dado at about half past one, and arrived at the radio station exactly three minutes before two in the morning.
At which time I was told that six people were shot by a terrorist in Hadera, and thus there would be no programme.
Theer must be a lesson hiding in here somewhere, though I can't figure out what it might be.

To be continued…