Poison River Station, day 1030

I've got the feeling that my fascinating recent entries (Radio, TV and Washing Machines) weren't read by anyone because I put backwards dates on'em. Serves to show me. At least I now rest assured that history is already written. Maybe someone will discover them in a thousand years and wonder what on earth (or alpha centaury) a "Washing Machine" might be.

Our household now includes:
K, who cooks and dresses everyone
Myself, in charge of music creation and eating
Garfield, who has slept near K for some 14 years, and is now sleeping between us
Herbie, the Furry Fish, already a TV star despite his young age
Nala, the Lioness, who keeps track of everything

It seems that, regarding the three last occupants, K's imagination is quite more developed than mine, and a good deal more pervert. You don't really want me to tell you. Trust me on that one.

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