Poison River Station, day 1122

The first Acoustic Pita show took place yesterday, at the Garage Club, Rishon Lezion. We thought that we'll be slightly off-stream, mostly due to the texts, but we found ourselves serving as the big mainstream point of the evening, due to an excessive amount of distortion on behalf of the other bands. Here's a short summary of A Day In A Life Of A Rock Band:

16:00 Pita arrives at zero ground, thus proving that three persons, two guitars, half a set of drums and an upright bass can all be carried by a single Mazda.
16:01 Meeting the persons in charge, plus a member or two of the other bands performing tonight. Pita Guitarist suffers culture shock.
16:02 Pita members find out that ballance procedure for the other bands, due to start 14:00, has not, in fact, started.
16:05 Pita decides to go and grab a bite. Pita Guitarist suffers gastronomical shock caused by a Rishon Falafel.
17:30 Pita returns from grabbing a bite, only to find that ballance is still delayed, mostly due to a burned guitar amplifier. Pita Guitarist suffers combat shock due to overusage of distortion.
18:00 Sleep on benches and chairs.
19:00 A replacement amplifier has not yet arrived. Pita decides to have some fun, and performs the whole show REALLY unplugged, for all the available crowd (1 soundman, 1 organizer, 1 club owner, 2 waitresses, 5 members of other bands and one or two innocent civilians).
19:20 Replacement amplified arrives. Noisy ballance for other bands. Pita members help with guitar sound. Pita Guitarist wishes he was dead.
19:30 Pita leader cuts other ballances short and takes control over the stage.
19:45 Pita ballance is over. Sleep.
21:00 People start arriving.
22:05 Start of the Ambrosia event. First artist on stage.
22:40 Pita on stage. A very warm welcome.
23:05 Pita show over. A very interesting procedure of dragging an upright bass through the crowd with only slight injuries. Pita Guitarist is shocked to find out he's no longer in shock.
23:20 Pita leader receives the Ambrosia "Best Track Of The Year" Award for his Funkapella piece "We Are The Funkapella". He's quit surprised by it. An amusing "thank you" speach, shouted over a very loud playback of the very song in question.
23:40 Pita interviewed by a TV team from The Guy Pinness(?) Show, in what might turn out to be the most horrific interview ever given in the history of Israeli Rock. It included, among other things: A Science Fiction Story, Some Musicians' Jokes, A Faked Fight, Over Ideology, Between Drummer and Leader, A Suspects' Lineup, A Faked Band Split-Up, An Improvised Stand-Up Show, Some Sing-Along and not even the Slightest Mention of Politics.
23:30 Pita Gonna Eat A Pizza.
00:45 Pita Members Go Home. Pita Guitarist shocked by having survived the whole day.

Note: BurgerRanch Rulez!

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  1. Though it's a wierd choice… from all the Funkapella I gotta hear, Funky me is the best. Well, taste and smell…
    Congradulations again!


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