Poison River Station, day 1288

Information received today indicates that, contrary to common belief, the Funkapella got itself accepted into the Red Sea Jazz Festival, 2002.
I didn't think it'll happen. I submitted it two years ago and was rejected. This year I didn't even think of submitting it, but then some good people asked me to join them and do a project for the festival, performing Yoni Rechter songs in fusion versions. We called ourselves The Rechter Five. At least – I think so. We recorded two songs: Song 1 and Song 2 (good names, no?), and we were quite satisfied, considering the very difficult rehearsing and recording conditions (long and uninteresting story).
And then I said to myself, well, if the nice people submit this nice project, why can't I submit my own nice project with my own nice people? Nothing to lose, right?
So the Funkapella was accepted, and the Rechter V were not. The reason for the latter being rejected is the former being accepted, for the people of the jazz festival don't want to have two groups with the same person.
I apologized heartily to the Rechter people. They were very polite about it.
Actually, I asked them before submitting the Funkapella, so I should feel fine. But guilt is there somewhere.
Though I'm happy. Happy!

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  1. "not have the same person in two groups" is a lame excuse, and besides, it happened more than once. Avishay Cohen the trumpet player appeared in more than one group in the 1999 festival, and some other guy did too.


  2. It's a new thing. When I performed with Plutonium in the Festival, back in 1999, two of our people worked with another group. It must be new then.
    It might also be the fact that singers are viewed differently than players. They might not want the same SINGER in two groups, especially if they happen to think I'm singing the lead (which, in Funkapella, I usually don't, preferring the vocal bass).
    Anyway – the Funkapella is in, and we'll have to live with that…


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