Poison River Station, day 1910

This morning the nice people from the bank woke me up to tell me how horrid my monetary situation is. K's father was diagnosed to have quite a horrid medical situation. My weight is quite horrid (though luckily I don't look it) and I could find several other horrids without a really horrid effort.
My mind, however, is occupied with my idea for a new album. I've had this idea for quite some time now, and there's nothing horrid in it except maybe for the lyrics. Well, in fact they're not that bad. I'm even somewhat proud of what I came with so far, though I'm still wondering how everything will fit into the concept I have in mind.
The album, this I know, will deal with Robots. It will be, generally speaking, the story of a Rebel Robot who finds himself burdened with an Unplanned Personality, or something of the sort. It'll be almost a rock opera, but not quite.
I have no idea how it'll sound, though. I have several tunes in my head, but the musical style still eludes me. I believe I'll try to use an much live playing as possible, make it as big as possible (as opposed to my The Universe in a Pita, for instance, which was rather minimalistic, if noisy), but that's about it.
Now I have to record simple demos (me & piano) and start going about selecting the players, for the latter have a very important role in creating the actual style.

Well, at least I keep myself occupied while the bank people and the doctors do their jobs.