Poison River Station, not counting the days anymore

Had enough of that.
Let us continue, then.
I have a new band. Yes, another one. This one is totally human-voice-based, no instruments at all, but lots of FX. It is called (ta-da!) – Vocaliens.
Yeah, well. Don't be picky.
What kind of music, then? Hard to explain to the uninitiated, pre-illuminated, but let's say, very generally, that the sound is mostly electronic (s'what FX are for) and the genres involved are hip-hop, funk, reggae/dub with very slight touches of jazz. Er. And so far everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is improvised: music, groove, lyrics. The whole thing.
In the band's site, which I created yesterday (in five free minutes I had before going to a Funkapella rehearsal), you'll find several short recordings from our first rehearsal, which had taken place some months ago but never-you-mind. And also, er, our logo. That's about it for now.
(In the future I plan to put lots of pictures of our – rather interesting – equipment there. I always liked toys, and I bet I'm not the only one.)
I unashamedly admit that this kinda music, as most kinds of music are, is not for everyone. But what the heck, go try it. Worst case, you'll lose an ear. Or your virginity. No worries.

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  1. Well, I tried. Really! I listened to "headphones" for, like, almost 30 seconds.
    But this err.. music, is definitly not for me.
    But good luck! I bet MTV would like that. You just need a video-clip with some almost-naked ladies, and maybe an afro-american or two 🙂


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