From which I just came back. Spent three and a half days there with K and a couple of friends. Our Milaneze base was the rented apt. of said couple, who happen to study in Milan. Thus we were spared the need to deal with local hotels, language and geography, and had simply amazing meals, which I will not try to describe here, being hungry again already, and hey, I think I'm gonna grab a bite of something, and see you later.

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  1. … a nice time.
    A colleague from work just came back from Milan on work, and while he was there, his girlfriend flew in, and they spent a few more days there together, to celebrate their engagement that happened there as well.
    Any chance there'll be bells a'tolling for you two?


  2. Anybody who's gonna sleep in the same bed with K is gonna wake up feeling like a beaten-bingely-bong-bell.
    Except for that – well, we're happy the way we are. No reason to change that.


  3. … somebody's happy in this world. I wish you both the best of hapiness, however you experience it.
    Capre Juguulum… um, eh… Diem!


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