Dub Side of the Moon

Blasphemy, yes.
My brother returned from a trip to Thailand. All he had to show for it were a digital camera (which, in fact, he bought here in Israel beforehand), lots of pics taken with said camera, and a pirated copy of an album called "A Fair Forgery of Pink Floyd", which, as I later found out, turned out to be quite unfair.
Having greath enthusiasm for said album, which contains various covers of Pink Floyd by various artists, to stretch the word a bit, and of various musical styles, ditto, my brother was disappointed to find that the pirated copy sounds quite horrible. I therefore volunteered to buy him the original thing on cdnow, which I promptly did while he was still whining on the phone. There was this 1+1 deal on the album, and I, being a quick shooter, clicked on the thing without checking what exactly was in line.
A few days ago I received the Fair Forgery thingi in the mail. The matter of its unfairness was decided an hour later. The album was delivered to my brother without me bothering even to listen to the last several songs. Let just say that Pink Floyd songs turn to be rather sad affairs when performed by ungifted folk singers, or, god forbid, heavy-metal ones.
A day later, by some ingenious mail delivery scheme on cdnow's side, I received the +1 part of the bargain – another Pink Floyd covers album. This one's named "Dub Side of the Moon". It is a sin, a blasphemy, an unheard of chutzpa.
I enjoy it immensly.
It is a rendering of the whole "Dark Side of the Moon" album, track by track, in Reggae/Dub style, played by a single band ("Easy Star All-Stars", or maybe just "Easy Stars", the matter is somewhat unclear), with various Raggae/Dub personalities doing the schtick in front or in the background. The album creators' goal was to take the original "Dark Side" and turn it into "something that might have been recorded this way in some parallel universe". They succeeded.
It's simple, honest fun for the unpompous. A few years ago I'd have been ready to declare war upon anyone suggesting I listen to anything like that, not to mention paying for it. But I got closer to Raggae of late, and I just relax and enjoy the ride.