Almost Famous

Well, I was minding my own business last night, trying to find information on a band I once recorded at The Nir Space Station, called Sanhedrin (the proper English name is "Synedrion", of course, and sometimes they call themselves that too). So there I was, looking for stuff published about them and all, when I suddenly came upon an item mentioning my own name as well.
It was, in fact, an article in a site previously unknown to me. It was, in fact, an article about myself.
Nobody told me.
I've no idea who wrote it.

T'was kinda weird reading it. Flattering, but weird.

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  1. I sure hope all those typos in the quotes are Qube's fault, and not your own…

    (plus – ooh! i didn't know you have all this stuff about the NSS on your website. when did you put it there? last time I visited it was far less… ummm… high-tech.)


  2. Their typos, yes.
    And yes, I upgraded the site recently, though not enough – I've got more equipment now than the stuff described there, and some replacements were made. Oh, well, at least the recipes are still good…


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