Boom Boom Boom Boom

Just brought home my new drum set. The joy!
I could go on a lot about what's good about it, but there's no point, really. It's good, I like it, and my only problem with it is that it reverbates so nicely that it's hard to quieten it when you want to record something else. That is – if you stand in front on it and sing, it sings right back at you.
So lovely. I'm gonna have to buy more blankets.

And in an hour or so my new studio computer will arrive as well.

Ach, I'm gonna have SO much fun!

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  1. Well, either I make a video-editing computer out of it, or I make a show-computer out of it. If worst comes to worst, I'll make a girlfriend-computer out of it, and thus reduce by half all background noise in the house.


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