Urbans and the Synth Machine

After endless (gotta love that expression) discussions, arguments, suggestions, conversations, phone calls, re-evaluations and so forth, not to mention a mini-mutiny of she-who-must-not-always-be-obeyed-though-you-wouldn't-know-it-by-my-behaviour-around-her, we settled upon a name for our not-really-jungle-but-who-knows band. The name is: Urbans.
Don't argue. I've already created a logo.

Meanwhile, despite lack of sleep, I managed to make today good progress on making Krazy, the modular-synthesizer software I wrote when I was unemployed back in 2004, recognize MIDI signals and do useful things with them.
This, some might say, with or without understanding what I'm talking about, is a totally geeky thing to write. I mean, both the synth itself and the above sentece. I sometimes wonder why. Fitting your car's engine so that the thing can achieve 20 more silly KPH, or participating in one or another masturbatory political meeting, or making an idiot of oneself in front of innocent – or not so innocent – girls in smoky bars – why are those activities considered to be cool, and programming a synth, whatever that may be, is bloody geeky?
Sometimes, as I wrote, I wonder why. However, today I don't.

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  1. My theory is that "geekiness" really means "being seriously interested in something and putting effort into it to the point where you appear a bit obsessive to people who aren't into it." Therefore, geekiness in the large sense includes music-geekiness and soccer-geekiness and car-geekiness as well as computer-geekiness and book-geekiness. There's no essential difference (the difference is in the label "cool", which belongs to another philosophical discussion entirely).

    A friend's comment on my theory was, So basically being a geek means having a life besides breathing and eating.

    I said, My point exactly. Which is why we're proud to be geeks.


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