History Will Teach Us Nothing

Being stuck at home with a terrible back-ache, I still managed to prepare a song – "I'm Bored" – for the arrival of Rami, the soundman, who eventually failed to arrive this evening and will hopefully compensate for it tomorrow. I used the extra time to prepare some other songs, ones which I found in what might be called the attic of my computer. I converted tracks recorded four and five years ago to modern formats and projects, and most of it will become a part of the album, though I'm yet to calculate the most important factor, which is, as readers of this journal might remember, the length of the pieces.
The length of "I'm Bored" turned out to be a pleasant 5 (five!) minutes. In other words, it's longer than "Groove" and "Buy" put together. With it ready I'll have seven songs and total play time of slightly more than 25 minutes.
That extensive length of 5 (five!) minutes is a rather pleasant surprise, despite the fact that I deliberately added a two minutes "epilogue" to the song in order to make it longer.

All this took me about two hours of work, spread over the whole weekend. The rest of the time I spent reading, moaning about my back, and making sure that Keren is studying for her history exam tomorrow.
The amount of excuses, rationalizations, cunning and sheer deviltry that she applied in order to avoid studying might be enough for a short novel, or a thick guidebook.

Having finished studying, eventually, she went on to read my latest journal entries, and started commenting and giving rather loud marks and remarks, not to them but rather to the replies. I will not reveal the exact expressions, of course, but I'm afraid that a whole weekend of studying history didn't leave her with a particularly forgiving mood.
What can I say? Dear readers, replyers, hey – be careful out there!

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  1. היא קראה מה שאתה כותב עליה ומה שעצבן אותה זה *התגובות*? סינדרום שטוקהולם מאץ'?


  2. I've got nothing to worry about – she reads only my posts. My replies are somehow skipped.
    Come to think of it, if she tolerates my posts, I'd've nothing to fear even if she does read my replies.


  3. That is, of course, fine by me. It only means that when the revolution comes and you're put against the wall, you'll be slightly more surprised than you should…


  4. Uh… You and your buddies? Like, duh.
    "The glorious forces of the revolution marched on, whipped forward by the scary sweetly smiling blonde girl yelling at them from behind." That will look so GREAT in the history books!


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