The Silly Seller

Yesyerday I had yet another silly idea, this time of a slightly commercial nature. It has to do with the marketing of my album, when it comes out. Like everyone else, I'm going to put samples of the album's songs on the net. Those samples are usually about a minute of the given song, and then a long fadeout. My idea was to add to that a short jingle, or musical piece, or something cute, which will make people either laugh or buy the album or both.
It was a nice idea. It came with lyrics.
I recorded it in the 50 minutes I had between returning from work and going to Boojie's party. I kinda like the result.
Here it is.

I may record several more of those, so that when downloading a sample of mine, one will never know what might happen. Keep the audience on the edge, I think.

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