!Cum on, you sucksy thing

Spent most of yesterday looking for keywords which will effectively identify – in order to eliminate – files suspected as containing porn, and especially child-porn. One would innocently assume that it's enough to check the relevant information for appearances of keywords such as "fuck", "sex", "xxx", "cock", "vagina" and several more. I thought, at the beginning, that I can get over it with, say, twenty such keywords.
By the end of the day I had almost a hundred, and the list is still growing. Can't say t'wasn't fun looking for'em, except for one really sad case: "diaper". Don't ask.

Now, having that list, I'm toying with the idea of translating it into Hebrew. Could be useful for some of my future stories.

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  1. One factor which I forgot to mention was, alas, that at least SOME valid filenames should pass the test. For example, "mother" and "father" are not good enough filters.
    But yeah, thanks for the tip…


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