The Jungle Book

So we had that Garden of Eden show in the Bat-Yam street theatre festival yesterday, which went rather well, what with my free improvised performance of "In the jungle, the mighty jungle" and the actors being dressed as trees. And just as it ended, when we were about to bow, we suddenly heard a shout: "Jungle! Go back to the jungle!"
In English, mind you.
"You jungle people! You sinners! You beasts! Go back to the jungle!"
At the beginning I thought that it was a very unique improvised street theatre, but then the shouter turned out to an old religious lady, who by that time already gained some attention from the audience and became quite red in the face.
Well, what could I do? I blew her a huge kiss in the air and went to bow with the rest of the group, to the audience's laughter.

Poor woman. I bet that her ancestors never tasted the forbidden fruit.

תגובה אחת בנושא “The Jungle Book

  1. Don't you already live IN the jungle?
    I mean with it's hot steamy environment, I'd classify Tel Aviv as a jungle… So she was telling you to leave Bat ya and head home, where the evil Shere-Khan was threatening the other little animals. 🙂
    Or maybe she was just being obnoxious.

    Pah, I'm going with #2.


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