Murder, They Wrote

I've just finished writing my chapter for that book Lavie and I have been working on some two years now. My contribution brought the length of the work to slightly more than 56,000 words. It also, by a strange though somewhat expected turn of events, concluded the book.


That's right. The novel's first draft is now, at last, finished. I find it hard to believe, after all the time and effort and whatnot, but so it is. Moo!
Holy cow – what shall I write now?

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  1. Not really. My story collection, for instance, is about 48,000 words long. So yeah, it's not a long novel, but it isn't too short either (our original plan was to have it end at about 50,000, so it's actually longer than what we had in mind in the beginning).


  2. Find a good publisher this time.
    One whose books are not hidden on the lowest shelf in the farthest corner of the bookshop behind some unopened boxes.


  3. עכשיו צריך לערוך את זה, לעבור על הפרטים, וכו' וכו'. אחר כך צריך להתחיל לשלוח למו"לים. אני מתאר לעצמי שבזמן כלשהו במשך התהליך הזה מישהו יספר ללביא מי הרוצח.


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