Found in Translation

Johnny brought to my attention this cute little site, Lost in Translation, which passes a given text through a series of online translators between different languages and displays the resulting mess. It's lovely, try it.
Having played with it a bit, I came upon the brilliant idea of combining it with my automatic badmouthing generator, PEST (the online version was written by Gaal Yahas, I wrote the original back in the old days, in Pascal). Here are some of the results:

Original: You fishy bastard!
Translation: Hybrid he of the fish!

Original: A bison has explored your grandmother!
Translation: A bison studied its grandmother!

Original: There's no point denying it – your obese sister unfortunately married a delightful squid!
Translation: It has an end, of which she denies it – their sister of beleibte unhappyly connected koestlichen Kalmar!

Hours of fun, I'm telling you.

3 תגובות בנושא “Found in Translation

  1. They become fullfilled, had said of course that all it connected his modest stupid ugly mother-in-law one ostra!

    (Maybe I'll just go and write a book that way. I'm sure I'll be able to find a willing publisher.)


  2. או! בדיוק קראתי את galactic pot healer של פיליפ ק. דיק בו יש משהו ממש דומה – חבורה של עובדי קיוביקל משועממים ברחבי העולם משחקים משחק בו צריך להעביר שמות של יצירות מפורסמות דרך מחשבי תרגום אוטומטי (ועוד עם זיהוי קול, לא הקלדה) – נאמר, מאנגלית ליפנית ובחזרה – ואז צריך לנחש מה היה המקור.


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