Three Notes

1. Once upon a time I wrote a story which I named "Zimhoker". Recently it was translated into English under the name "VegeScan", and I'm still awaiting reply from InterZone magazine about it.
VegeScan is an instrument which can "sniff" and tell whether a given food product contains any meat. The story, which is somewhat of a tribute to Jerome's "Three Men in a Boat", deals with a space voyage taken by three somewhat Israeli characters, one of whom is a VegeScan-using vegetarian. Before writing the story I made some research, (ab)using the good services of friend and editor Dotan Dimet, who is a biologist by training, and of K, my girlfriend, who happens to be a pastry chef.
The story was published in the Israeli online SF&F magazine "Don't Panic" (where you can still read it) about two years ago. About a year ago it appeared in the printed magazine Halomot BeAspamia (Dreams in Aspamia). In both cases it was, to my opinion, quite nicely received.
And then I get a message from Dotan, which contains the following link.
This isn't the first that an invention of mine becomes reality, but the speed of it!
Considering the tendency of my stories to become at least partly real, the question arises: what should I invent now?

2. Having found that, very surprisingly, I have the means of doing it, I'm taking a short trip with K to Milan, Italy by the end of next week. Never before have I actually paid for going abroad, but hey – there's always a first time.
I'm always a bit afraid before going on trips with a girlfriend. Situations where I'm just supposed to relax and "have fun" usually bore me to hell. However, this will be solved by the fact that we're going to stay at a friends' house, as opposed to being stuck in some hotel.
Oh, I'm going to eat so much…

3. I found myself a new job.

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  1. Mazal tof on the new job.

    My woman don't allow me to eat Pizza, 'cause "you have to loose weight for the wedding". bahhh


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