It's been settled – I'm going to WorldCon this year. I'll sign copies of The Tel Aviv Dossier there,  and will also participate in some events and panels. Here's the full list:

Nir Yaniv Signing
Language:  English / Track: Autographs
When: Sun 6:30 PM
Duration:  12:30 hrs:min
All Participants:  Nir Yaniv

Book Launch: ChiZine
Description:  Daniel Rabuzzi's 'The Choir Boats' / Claude Lalumiere's 'Objects of Worship' (with a foreword by James Morrow) / DavidNickle's 'Monstrous Affections' (with a foreword by Michael Rowe) / Robert J. Wiersema's 'The World More Full of Weeping' / The Tel Aviv Dossier;
Language:  English / Track: Event / Moderator:  <Not Available> / Location:  Delta 2802 / When: Sat 7:30 PM / Duration:  1:30 hrs:min
All Participants:  Val Grimm, Claude Lalumiטre, David P. Nickle, Nir Yaniv

What's the Score?
Description:  If music be the food of SF movies, play on.  From Bernard Herrmann to John Williams to Danny Elfman, who are the great composers of SF movies and why should we care?
Moderator:  Inanna Arthen / Location:  P-511BE / When: Fri 7:00 PM / Duration:  1:00 hrs:min
All Participants:  Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, Chris Becker, Inanna Arthen, Nir Yaniv

Weird Tales Panel
When: Sat 1100am, Location: P524C
Ann VanderMeer, Stephen H. Segal, and all WT writers that show up! (Nir Yaniv included…)

Fun fun fun!

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