Poison River Station, day 432

A small car hit a larger one just under my the window of my 3rd floor basement, but that was several days ago, when thousands of people filled up the street and were really gay about it all. I enjoyed it. They enjoyed it too. The drivers refused to cooperate with the merry crowd, but that was taken care of by the police. It was JUST the place for people with funny costumes.

A weird truck is sodomizing an innocent tree (under my window, again). I think it was sent by the municipality, but I've no proof. I like the tree. I also like trucks, though, to be sure, less violent ones. What to do? I'll keep reporting.

First rehearsal, today, of the group marked "Funkapella III". It is a descendant of "F-I" and "F-II", and hopefully will live longer than they did. The recipe is simple: make a band without any musical instruments except for drums and singers. Many singers. Crazy singers. And those are hard to find. However, some of the singers auditioned today might become crazy enough, with the right treatment.

Two dances to which I composed soundtracks were performed in Jerusalem today. I wanted to go, but a sudden attack of laziness prevented me from doing it. No matter, there'll be other times.

Bats are knocking on my window. Reminder: buy a big spray-can of some sort. Works beautifully as a flamethrower.

S'it – gonna eat.