Poison River Station, day 437

Good progress on the Radio Play today, over a chicken salad (so help me!) at Mind The Gap. We have, at last, many of the names we needed, including (at last!) a name for the play itself: "The Universe in a Pita" (it sounds much better in Hebrew, of course). Also discussed enough plot for an episode and a half. And a good number of characters.

The plot, in short: the voyages of a rock band which is kidnapped from earth (a desolate Israeli small town, to be exact) to outer space by a small-time mafia delivery boy. It seems that Morris, the band's agent, lost it over a galactic card game or so. All this is presented in the form of a course of the Galactic Transmitted University, directed by Comissioner Yohai, with Morris as a guest-in-the-studio.

Found a good candidate to play the part of the female computer. She had several nice ideas herself, most notably a humble suggestion to make said computer the main character. Can't blame her.
Tried to catch some other actors I know on the phone all day long, to no avail. That will have to wait for tomorrow.

The most problematic actor to find would be, probably, the one to play the part of Morris. Also Yohai. Both have to be older than the rest of the crew – I give'em 40 at least.

Except for that – a quiet day. Nobody was shot on my street today, and I know for sure that no fires occured between seven and ten PM. I'd have known, the station must be quite near here, though I've never seen it. I guess it is shy, refusing to show itself in public.