Poison River Station, day 488

A quantum leap with the Radio Play today, as I., the main (so far single) to be actress, visited the station and was introduced to the script (and vice versa). I was so charmed – I can already see that she will fit the role beautifully, and she was enthusiastic about the project, against such behaviour I'm totally defenseless – that I had severe concentration problems not only during our conversation (I hope I managed to camouflage some of it) but also during most of the rest of the day.
The direct result of that was, of course, that H. suffered another famous J.'s-Rock'n'roll-Continue-Writing talk. I think he's getting used to it. We're starting on episode II tomorrow (though H. doesn't know this yet – he thinks he's entitled to some rest after writing episode I – so gullible…), and it's gonna be real interesting, as I've no real idea how we get our gang or silly protagonists out of the mess they got into.
I'm SO glad I'm not the scriptwriter. I might have more work to do (except for directing the show, I also do the casting, produce, serve as a recording technician and probably play one of the roles), but writing the thing is, I figure, quite harder than the whole of'em put together. However, I'm not sure about it, as we havn't started recording yet. I WILL know soon, though, no worries.

I'm planning a group recording on the roof of the station, to simulate different crowd noises plus a bunch of chickens (for future episodes). We're trying to think of more such group-noises, so the people won't have to come here twice.

Answers from the other actors are still unavailable. We all wait eagerly.

In the near future: Fernando "The Man With The Tan" and his group are going to record some jazz in the station first thing in the morning. This is all very nice and dandy, and reminds me very strongly that I MUST have a new air conditioner.

Got a call from the TA university to let me know that I CAN study Filmmaking there if I want, and if I have all the right documentary by the end of the month. Will have to start looking for it.

All's quiet on the street outside. I wonder whether anything happened. Havn't heard a police siren in more than an hour. Weird.

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