Poison River Station, day 496

Another progress with the casting: A., a very cool actor, stormed in this morning (by phone, I admit), and joined our rank. Then, after slightly banging my head on the wall for not thinking of it before, I called A.H., a guitar player and script writer on his own, with whom I worked in the past in the legendary band "Plutonium". A script draft was sent to him, as he really liked the idea of a Radio Play, and I hope that by this time Sunday we'll already have him join us, thus, at last, solving the problem of whos gonna play Morris the Managing Menace.

Meanwhile, I'm arranging for I. (who, again, will play Monica the Computer) to watch "2001: Space Odyssey", in order to get some inspiration. It's not as if she's to immitate HAL in any way, but she should keep him (yes – HIM) in mind.

H., of course, was quite happy to hear of all those wonderful events, though he was somewhat unsatisfied as to the "insufficient amount of nice girls in the plot". I told him that future episodes might require various female roles, so there's nothing to worry about. However, I added, him being the scriptwriter, I've no intention of having him present during recording sessions. It seems him mood went down a bit at this – I cannot guess why.

Other, unrelated stuff: Fernando "The Man With The Tan" and his gang indeed spent a very nice, if somewhat humid, morning here at the station last Monday (I think). That was the first time ever I recorded a saxophone. Got a very nice sound out of it. Mix will take place sometime next week.

It is getting hotter and hotter all the time. My mind is distracted by it. Also by visions of a new air-conditioner. Which I might buy one day.

Someone's been hiding the trashcans around here. What does this mean?