Poison River Station, day 498

What is this frenzie?!

I just completed writing lyrics for three (3!) songs for the PITA MORGANA band, including the series' opening theme ("The Universe in a Pita"), a horrible ripoff of "Daisy Daisy", and a tribute to our very own Monica Computer.

Tomorrow – H. and myself are meeting with A.H., who might play Morris, but who also has some very strict ideas regarding what a radio play should consist of (and, even more strictly – what it shouldn't). H. is slightly terrified, though he took special care telling me that he wasn't. Alas – he cannot fool me.

All the Funkapella members are much relieved to learn that Y., one of our members, has not got the jaundice after all. Therefore there'll be a rehearsal coming tuesday. Thank you oh Y., for your mercy.

All's quiet, except for Leslie, my old and eccentric guitar, upon which I compose(d?) some of the abovementioned stuff. The fact that I don't actually know how to play the guitar doesn't help one bit.