Poison River Station, day 512

Today saw the first ever rehearsal of the PITA MORGANA band, with O. on Guitar, Y.A. on Drums and your humble servant on Bass and Vocals. Worked on "Ectoplasma" and "Monica", the latter turned out so nicely that a recording was made. I listened to it all day. I still do, as I write this. Hopefully I'll relax a bit by tomorrow, or lose all that was left of my connectivity with the real world, assuming that there is actually such a thing.

That was in the morning (which explains the poor quality of my voice in the recording). The evening was spent mixing the stuff recorded last week by Fernando "The Man with the Tan" and his gang. It was nice, it was good music, it was cool people, it was 3 hours without listening to "Monica".

Then I., who'll play Monica, called and got told about "Monica". I'll find some time soon and make her listen to "Monica", assuming I can stop listening to it myself for enough time in order to participate in a coherent conversation.