Poison River Station, day 544

1. Never trust the Funkapella gang. I go and get the best possible air conditioner, 2.5 horsepower, auto-adjustment, remote-control, beautiful as a new-born electric bass, and they complain that the room's too COLD! Go figure…
2. Never trust the Pita Morgana gang. I go and get… oh, you know what I mean.
3. Never trust A/D convertors. I got a call from the lab, to which I gave it for fixing. They wanted me to come and get it, but refused to discuss the cost. I came, only to learn that the bloody thing had no malfunction whatsoever. Ghhh!
4. The theory regarding the inverse connection between the number of girls in my life and the amount of music I create just proved to be wrong, i.e.: there's a girl in my life and I just wrote a new song for the Pita Project, called "Black Hole". No, it's NOT what you think it is, perverts!