Poison River Station, day 602

Boy meets girl. Boy does this or other thing with girl. Boy gets abandoned by girl. Boy proceeds to write tons of funny music. Boy does rehearsals all day. Boy meets another girl. Boy is thanking the lord for the air conditioning. Boy dreams of a new refrigirator.

The subject of the fridge is a difficult one. Consider: this fridge had been with me, lived with me, for some three years. It was brought here by my father, and that's about all I know of its origins. I drew lovely fish on it, fish singing jazz standards. I replaced its compressor. I even put some food inside. I really LIKE my fridge.
But then, one day, the freezing unit went down, and the tech people say it cannot be fixed. And so I'm stuck with a dilemma: abandon my friend, or live without ice, meat and all other frozen stuff?
A tough problem, I admit. I don't know what to do. I'll have to think some more of it.

Meanwhile, in the Space Station, the Pita recordings continue. A fourth bootleg recording was uploaded to our underground site – a piece called "Daisy, Daisy". This one was not written by me (I know not who actually wrote the piece) – it's a ripoff of a ripoff. The original tune was sung by many (among them Nat King Cole), and might have been a part of a musical or something of the sort. Then came "2001: Space Odyssey", in which HAL sang this tune just before being shut off for good. Then came our piece.
The take was recorded, as usual, some 10 minutes after learning to play the song for the first time. The reason we messed with this particular piece instead of working on our other songs was my sore throat and the drummer's mental/medical condition at the time – he took some strong medications just before the session, and was rather dreamy the whole time.

A fourth actor joined the Pita Crew, thus increasing our number to five. So far the acting team is:
Inbar – plays Monica the Computer
Adi – unspecified yet, might play Commisioner Yahai
Yonatan – unspecified yet
Itay – the new actor, will play Shlomo the Drummer
Your Humble Servant – a non-actor, will play Danny Burger the Band Leader

Two more actors are to be recruited. We need especially, as I've mentioned previously, a Morris the Menace Manager, `62 or earlier model in a good condition.

Hadar, our scriptwriter, returned at last from his unnecessary trip abroad, and is working his ass off the draft. In order to help him, I recorded the Pita band talking during rehearsal, so that he'll hear how people in bands talk. That little trick worked beautifully, and now he's calling me every round hour to report progress.
I should find some more such tricks if I want the writing of episode II to proceed faster.

Funkapella III is also working very hard – rehearsals yesterday, today and tomorrow, not to mention tuesday and next sunday or so. We're having two shows in Eilat next week, bless us. My octaver went down blazing during one of the recent rehearsals, so I had to buy a new toy. I started going to rehearsals with electric-protection devices. I feel real smart about this.

Well, then. Boy writes, boy spills it all, boy goes, at last, to sleep.