Poison River Station, day 702

Again – so much is happening, so little time to write about it…
* The Universe In A Pita album was completed, at last. About 25 CDs were sold at ICon2001, The Fifth Israeli SF&F Convention. One CD was stolen…
* The ICon2001 opening event was hosted by Gidi Gov, to whom I finally managed writing a fitting text, more or less. The society gave Gidi, in gratitude, a copy of The Universe In A Pita album, and I offered him quite generously the role of Morris the Pompous Producer in our Pita Radio Play. Now I'm awaiting his answer…
* Funkapella is still looking for a new singer to replace Yael, who left to live in San Francisco or LA or something of the sort. We also need a place to translate the latest recordings into recognizable computer files, instead of the silly digital cassettes on which they're stored now. I also need to write some new songs for the group, but I'm so busy
* Making the videoclip for "My Uncle Bought Me A Time Machine", with Keren and Ruthi working days and nights. After Keren's computer went down in flame,and my own #2 machine proved to be slightly weak, I found the perfect solution: a friend and I borrowed a very very strong computer from a very very big company. It looks just like a pizza box, though it is much noisier.
* Since the holidays are over, at last, the Pita Production Team is trying to reorganize. In addition to the clip, Hadar is working on the script for the radio play, and I start harrassing the actors again. Gidi Gov might be a jolly good Morris, but I have to consider the (very remote, admittedly) possibility of him refusing the role.
* Got me a very nice pocket-watch as a gift from Keren, for my birthday, which happens to be today. I'm old but I ain't lettin' it get me down!

(Do you wanna buy my Pita album? You DO wanna buy my Pita album! So what if it's in Hebrew? Email me to buy my Pita album. It ain't expensive – I'm sure about it. It's cheaper than a 2nd hand time machine!)

(The Pita Page: http://www.forum2.org/joliet/upita.html , or something of the sort)

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