Poison River Station, day 704

Had a birthday several days ago. Am quite happy with what I got: a beautiful pocket-watch from Keren (now I've to learn how to read a non-digital watch), some money and a blender from my parents.
This is the first time in my life that I get any present which has even the slightest connection to food whatsoever. Excluding pizzas, of course.
Parents came to visit, brought me the blender and about 1 metric ton of other kitchen utilities, food and unidentified pieces of cloth. They also met Keren. No casualties. Now Keren and I are even – I was forced to entertain HER parents several times in the past two weeks. Ach, revenge, revenge.

After much mess and going about I went down to a certain store, today, with a good friend, and bought myself a blue Warwick Corvette Standard, i.e. – a new bass guitar.
Buying a new instrument is the closest thing to a religious frenzy that an unbeliever can reach, and this case was no exception. After playing the Holy Instrument, checking the Holy Electronics and caressing the Holy Fretboard, I now prepare myself for the reading of the Holy Manual.

Keren and Ruthi, meanwhile, continue working on the clip. Deadline is next sunday. They have just, so I've been told, completed the animated representation of myself.
I'm afraid to watch the result.

Oh, well, I've a New Blue Corvette. I've no care in the whole world.

Um. Well, no, that's not exact. I'd have no care in the whole world had my ear not hurt so. Also my throat. I've spent half the day walking around with an ear full of Garlick&Oil(TM), which is Keren's way of handling undisciplined ears. And lo! Indeed, I smell of garlick and drip oil all over the carpet, and wouldn't've mind it all one bit had my ear stopped hurting consequensly.
Which it didn't.
And throat.

I do hope Keren doesn't find any magic solution for my throat. I want to live.

By a clever evasive action I managed to throw her off the idea of giving me another dose of Garlick&Oil(TM). I can hear again! I'm free! I'm free! I'm… uh uh, she's coming…