Poison River Station, day 1001

And so I find myself, after a long period of writelessness, again with a bit of time on my hands, a time which I've decided to dedicate to writing some of the comings and goings of and around myself.
What shall I write about, then?
I've no idea.

Well, the Pita project suffers from the unmerciful ways of actors, especially when things come to actually set a meeting. This is probably why producers make so much money, usually – nobody'll take the job otherwise. Our scriptwriter, on the other hand, isn't working too fast either. I hope the actors won't find out he didn't complete chapter II yet. We have tried to accelerate his writing rate by inducing a girl upon him, so that she breaks his heart – for broken hearts are known for their property as muse enhancers. Alas, that cheap trick didn't work. However – hope is not lost. We have, after all, all the time in the world.
We also have a new address for our site: http://www.upita.org

Meanwhile the Funkapella is back on the road, with a new singer replacing Yael Krauss (who went to live in the US, for some reason). The new singer is called, not surprisingly, Yael. The group works now on some new material. Some of the old material, by the way, can be found here:

And finally, after months of silence, Klonimus returns. A Klonimus show will take place this very thursday at the New Barbie Club, Tel Aviv. The reunion came as a very big surprise, for I was sure the band was already dead and buried. But no – we're alive and kickin', especially now, that I have my new bass guitar (yet unnamed – shame on me).

Oh, and I bought a refrigirator! A new, grand, white, big, shiny refrigirator!
And it ain't empty, too!

I suspect that to future shows I'll have to be carried up in a wheelbarrow.

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  1. shalom! 🙂 i was searching for israelis here on livejournal and found you, i added you to my list if you dont mind: ) just wanted to say hi…hi!


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