Poison River Station, day 1026


Pita went studio on tuesday, 14:00. The original Pita players were equally spread betweeen the US and UK, so stunts had to be recruited. Final team: Idan (who also mixed the Pita Album with me) on drums, Udi (who had nothing to do with the Pita previously, and was recruited hurriedly at the last moment) on guitar, and your humble servant. A special team member was added at the last moment – K volunteered to do the styling.
We didn't have to actually play – it was all done using a playback. We just had to look as if we're playing.
And so the big day arrived. K and I spent the morning roaming through various toy shops, then picked up Iddan and arrived at the studio a bit early, equipped with:
* 1 Time Machine (suspiciously looking JUST like an old boiler-timer – but witha dial and a RED button!)
* 1 Furry Fish (those are quite rare in Israeli toy shops – I don't know why)
* 4 Small transparent rubber balls, with little fishies inside
* An unknown number of plastic bath toys, among them two fishies, one sea-horse and some unidentified creatures
* A huge amount of plastic cups
There were also various unique clothing gear, of which I prefer not to talk, having not even the slightest idea how to begin describing them.
Arrive we did, and were immediately stowed in a medium sized waiting room, along with the members of the other bands scheduled to get pictured that day. Despite their obvious lack of an SF concept, they managed to look quite weird without trying much. Some of them seemed to be the victims of a horrible radiation accident, while others were simply gazing at us and humming.
Makeup procedure went quite well for everyone, until the third band arrived. "Makeup? We don't need no stinking makeup!"
"Please," said the poor girl whos job it was, "it's my job!"
"No thank you!"
"But I MUST do it! It's in my contract!"
And so on, until one of them, at last, volunteered to get painted and thus finished it.

The show itself was quite weird. I will not repeat here the concept (which I never fully grasped), but the host seemed to be just like a character taken from our own radio-play, and the interview went accordingly.
The first take of the clip got us by surprise – they simply started playing the song. It took Udi (guitar), who learned the song some 10 minutes earlier, some 5 seconds to grasp that he was actually supposed to look as if he was playing. Since the beginning of the song is guitar-only, I bet it looked quite funny. However, we had great fun: The Furry Fish flew fairly far, falling fiercly to & fro. The Plastic Cups were Planted Cunningly upon Potted Concussion instruments, Plainly Corrodable setup Providing Clear and Present Chance of Pleasurable Cup dropping. The Bath Toys Turned Beautifully Bright The Task Brought Before The Band. Time Tinkerer, Time Toy, Turned Time, This Time, This Time, Time Turned, Toy Time, Tinkerer Time.

So pictured it was (twice), and stuff flew in the air, and I managed to convince the programme editor (who turned out to be a fan of ours) to edit it my way (I hope she does). And K told me I was making too many faces (which was true), and nobody told Idan anything about his frightening torn jeans (which is also true), and Udi's hat fit just THAT way (he wore my old sunglasses), and my coat was thrown out of the set by a maddened K (I wore HER sunglasses), and everybody were fairly happy.

And then I remember that I was actually very sick, and spent the next week in bed. Which is also true.