(!Poison River Station, day 1030 (still

Been to two shows by frieds of mine:
Sunday saw "Synedrion", a "70's" Progressive Rock Band, which once recorded a semi-album at the Nir Space Station. I enjoyed that show immensly, and the music is really recommended (try http://planet.nana.co.il/sanedrin/ , which includes two tracks from said recording).
Monday was Paula's turn. A singer I first met at Rimon, she recruited a great gang of players and gave a good show, though the style is not exactly my cuppa tea. K says that she tries very hard to be Tory Amos. Me, I never listen to such stuff, so I wouldn't know. But they players were really very good.

Enough! What am I doing here, writing in the Journal like that?! Off to work, to rest!