Poison River Station, dat 1042

Houston, We Have A Morris! I repeat, We Have A Morris!

The solution was so brilliantly simple that it took almost 5 months to find.
(For those of you who are not updated regarding the Pita Project – some of my previous entries can help, plus a glance at the Official Pita Site: http://www.upita.org)

ANYWAY, the part of Morris was given to Adi, who is also a player in HABIMA), and who was supposed to do the part of Yohai, the Radio Announcer. The Yohai part was given to the newest member of our team, Tommy Q, who has a reach history of radio broadcasting at GALATZ.
Adi was tested yesterday, less than an hour after appearing in a very serious drama at HABIMA (he invited K and myself – ach, the benefits of employing serious actors…) – and he was absolutely brilliant. We are very satisfied. We hope to have sample recordings online as soon as possible.

And so we are all set up. Recordings will soon start, and there'll be great rejoicing!
Meanwhile, Ophir is working on the special FX, and your humble servant is trying to re-create the band, with other people, so that we can have a short, unplugged show at the opening event of FantasyCon2002 – a fantasy convention.

Today a weird videoclip of the Pita was broadcasted at the new Channel 10. They told me it turned out quite pulpy, which is both good and bad. When I see I'll report. Probbaly also put online.

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