Poison River Station, day 1050

Today saw the first rehearsal of Pita mark II. Since the original band members – Oded and Yaron – live now abroad, new players had to be recruited. They are: Idan (who worked with me on the sound of the Pita Album) on drums and Asaf (who never heard of the Pita before) on guitar.
Our first goal – an acoustic show at the coming FantasyCon (Fantasy Convention. Good name, eh?)
Acoustic means – Idan on drums, either with brushes or with a mutes snare, Asaf on an acoustic guitar, and your humble servant on the Upright Bass, which is known in some parts as a "Contrabass".

We had a lovely first rehearsal today at the Nir Space Station, then, most of which was spent on studio setup, for we're gonna try and record some of the acoustic versions. Pita Unplugged…

My back seems not to like the prospect of Upright Bass playing. It decided to go on strike, which means there's a doctor in my very near future, including a (rather painless) injection and a (rather painful) fee.

There goes the price of art.

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