Poison River Station, day 1090

First, as promised – the NEW, SECRET, BOOTLEG recording of the new pita group, a part of the new show – Pita unPlugged. Recorded during a rehearsal last thursday, here's Dark Side of the Sun!
(Asaf – Acoustic Guitar, Idan – Drums & Backing Vocals, Your Humble – Lead Vocal & Upright Bass)

And shows there will be too. Two 20 minutes shows (about four songs each) will take place next month:
10/3/2002 – Part of the first Ambrosia Night – the Pita will be the first of the 3 groups performing. This will take place at a place called "The Garage" in Rishon LeZion.
31/3/2002 – A special guest performance at the opening ceremony of Fantasy.Con 2002 – a fantasy convention organized by the Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy. This happy occasion will happen at the Mofet Hall in Ramat Gan.

So, all in all, a busy month awaits us.

Oh, and the big K made the most delicious cake on the face of the earth, but we ate it all. You don't really want to hear about is, you see, for it was SUCH a lovely cake, t'was, it tasted of… something… like… amazing… and…
Yes. Well. T'was an amazing cake, and now it is over. OVER, I say! I will now get on with my LIFE.