Poison River Station, day 1098

K's parents are moving soon to a new house. They use the opportunity in order to get rid of much stuff accumulated over the years. Which is how I came to be the proud owner of a two-stories organ, straight from the happy 80's!
Joy! Joy!
I tried to find information about the thing on the net, but failed. It was manufactured by a firm called "Webo Electronics", and the model is called "Princess" (or so I figured out, reading the hand-writting information on a plate at the back of the machine). Anything? Anyone?
I almost broke my back lifting the thing to the station, despite the help supplied by a friend recruited by K for the purpose.
I need a name for it.
I'm now thinkin of recording a 70's progressive album using it. I mean, it sounds THAT retro.

Getting a new instrument is always a please. When it's for free.

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