Poison River Station, day 1144

A new Funkapella song, written DURING a Funkapella rehearsal (while waiting for Yael, who was slightly late). It's been SO long since I wrote anything new for the gang!
A demo can be found at the Funkapella Site (track #9).

Also, I bought a cheap video (using company holiday coupons), and thus was able to convert the horribly pulpy clip of "My Uncle Bought Me A Time Machine" to computer format, and thus put it on the net.
To view it, go to the Pita Site, click on "THE MUSIC", then, in the sub menu, on "STUFF" (or "MATTERS"…), and then all be fine.
Notice the first ever TV appearance of Herbie the Fish. It was somewhat truncated by a zealous editor, but he DOES appear for almost the better part of a second. See if you can find where and when, exactly…

Some news, briefly:
* Another Funkapella song is in production stages. All I need for it now are words, chords and a tune.
* I have sworn never to go to a passover SEDER again.
* Day after tomorrow there's a SEDER at Keren's parents' house. I'll be there.
* Dat after that I'm coming north, to compensate for not being at my own family's SEDER.
* That's the LAST TIME I'm gonna do that, y'hear me? LAST TIME! I ain't gonna go to no SEDER again!