Poison River Station, day 1234

Today, while playing cards (Speed), we got the following phone calls:
1. A friend of mine who explained that A. He's pregnant (6 months), B. It's a girl, C. We're invited to an independence-day get-together/party at his house, D. With all my old-time high-school pals (or most of'em), E. One of whom is having a birthday at exactly that day, F. An occasion which will be marked by the rental of a professional stripper.
2. Tamir, leader of the Klonimus band, who called to tell me that Asaf, our guitarists, had a cousin of his killed in Jenin two days ago. Funeral tomorrow. That is – today.
Which is also Keren's birthday.

Which means that, as usual, life is more interesting than art.

I havn't the slightest idea what I'm gonna do, but I'll say this: NO fuckin war is gonna mess with my Keren's birthday!

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  1. "A friend of mine who explained that A. He's pregnant (6 months)".

    Has genetic engineering already made male pregnancy possible? Interesting, I wasn't aware of it.


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