Poison River Station, day 1244

I forgot to write about Keren's birthday. That is, about my preparations for it. I guess I could elaborate now about how I recorded a whole song for her (s'called "MegaBabe!", Funkapella-style) underground, installing sound softwares on my work computer and singing the sketches there (poor co-workers), finally driving her out of the house in order to do the final. I could also remark upon the time I spent roaming with Elad, an old friend of Keren's, around Shinkin and King George streets in Tel Aviv, looking for delightful things to buy. Or the secret operation Elad and myself embarked upon, making her a horrible flash animation with ten deranged people singing "Happy Birthday" in the background (all ten were myself, of course, and she had to be driven out of the house by force, for she didn't want to go).
Yes. I could.
But results always do a better job than a mere description. So why not just go to my homepage, click on "Keren's Birthday" (it's in the main page) and get the material?
Don't blame me afterwards, though. I told you t'was done underground.

Next year I'm gonna send her somewhere far for a LONG time before the birthday, so that I can work quietly and in an orderly manner, like a sane person.

Who am I kiddin'?

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  1. Well, finally, I was able to download the song, and came to a very inportant decision:
    I don't like pop. Not at all. Not even when it's your pop…
    But since Keren has no such problems, have no worries.


  2. I wish! Keren LIKES pop. She likes lots of high quality music (funk, progressive rock, jazz), and the whole electronic range. She actually has a broader musical taste than I. But she just LOVES pop (being fully aware of its musical value), and that was why I decided doing a pop song for her.
    Prob'ly my last pop production, though. My taste in lyrics is, after all, better than that. Or, at least, different…


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