Poison River Station, day 1302

As always, I get a surge of creativity in one field when I desperately need to be creative in another.
What I NEED is to write more Funkapella music, complete the short-film soundtrack I'm working on, and generally – create more music.
What I DID was, of course, writing two(!) new stories in two(!) consecutive days.
While being rather happy with the stories themselves (which can be found here and here), I'm frustrated about not being able to write more music. This, of course, will last until I finally manage to create something musical, at which point it will instantly be replaced by a deep frustration over my inability to write anything.
However, I'm not bitter. At least I'm doing something.

I want to write a book, but my prose is too condensed. I mean – I like condensed prose, but this way I quickly run out of things to tell. Horrible!
Does the art of writing books require the ability to say little at length? There must be a solution!
I have enough good (if I may say so myself) short stories now for a modest collection. But short stories collections aren't too commercial in Israel. What horrible people – they like to be blabbered at!

Or maybe I just ate too much this weekend.

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  1. All you have to do is concetrate on creating a book – which will lead, following your theory, to the creation of music you are satisfied with 🙂


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