Poison River Station, day 1320

Many updates in the Funkapella site, including our new publicity poster (us posing as comics characters), rehearsal pictures, some more data and a new address: http://www.funkapella.org , of course.
I'm doing much work in order to add new songs/pieces to our show, with the help of Arnon Palty, who volunteered to extract several arrangements for me. Immediate future features: Sex Machine / James Brown, the James Bond Theme / John Barry and, hopefuly, at last, MegaBabe / myself.

Except for that, I just finished proofreading a book for Opus Publishing House (the second of Ann McCaffrey's Pern books); I created a short film soundtrack and presented it last week (those words are somewhat misleading – let us say that I had to give away a film soundtrack, as the director called and said "Give it to me! We're screening it tomorrow!"); I'm rehearsing with Klonimus weekly; I'm joining a new Fusion project, led by Itay Lasky, a guitar player, a former member of the Confusion band (I'll be an instrumental-vocalist there); I'm going to serve as a bass player in the band of Michal Chuchem, a singer I've once worked with (it'll also feature Ohad Peri, a good friend, on drums – all three of us studied at Rimon); There's a horrible computer freelance job swallowing the rest of my (un)free time; and I'm buying an installing a new computer for the Nir Space Station.

That new computer is paid for by that silly freelance job. A side effect is me receiving a huge big monster, something called "Raid Array 450", which is simply a gigantic box containing some 20 hard-drives. It knows how to make those drives seem to the computer like a single big one, it knows how to mirror the information, it should be unbelievably fast and safe, and it causes a considerable amount of noise, which means that it'll probably go out to the porch, forcing me to drill a hole in the wall. But man, the STYLE!
(I also have no idea how to make it actually work. I wait for my people to check. Meanwhile I know only this: that monster weights something like me. Or more…)

Poor Keren. She'll have to fight for my free time.
She will, of course.
I, indeed, live in interesting times. I LIKE interesting times!