Poison River Station, day 1701

It's amazing. Really.

Recently I created a soundtrack for a moderan dance show, which is a part of the quite-famous "Curtain Up" ("Haramat Masach") project (see here). It's fun to do, and I even get some money for it. I do it mostly for the fun, though.
So there I was, in the Susan Delal Center, spending the time before the premiere chatting idly with the soundman, waiting for our balance session to begin (it never began – they had to perform without it. A very strong reminder as to where we are, culture or not), when said saoundman suddenly, for no good reason at all, started telling me of this norwegian guy who once created a surround soundtrack for some show.
T'was more than a week ago, and my girlfriend is quite mad at me, for I havn't stopped talking about surround ever since.
It is, basically, quite simple: just make it so that instead of two seperate channels (standard stereo), you have three, four or more. Simplicity itself.
Well, not really, but almost. First, to create surround music or sound, you have to be able to control and send each channel seperately. This means an expensive soundcard. However, I happen to have (amazingly enough) such a soundcard – dealing with music professionally usually requires it. Next one the list are the speakers, but since my childhood I've been known to have an impressive amount of those, usually in most unexpected places. I therefore dug a pair out of the laundry basket and hung it on the back wall of my studio. Finally, an amp is needed, to power the extra pair of speakers. This one was dug from under the studio sofa. No problems.

And now the sound surrounds me, and let me tell you people – it's fun! My next soundtrack is gonna be a smash!