Easy Rider

And the days go on and on, and me, having been fired from my job about six weeks ago, am sitting at home and writing a modular-synth, which is a very good way to pass the time if you happen to have some time and to know what a modular-synth is and to want to write one.
But the fact is that since I've been fired, I've had great fun in more than one way. I've been writing synthesizers and audio FX (VST plugins, for those among us who share the mysteries), I've read (even) more books than my usual quota (notably Eco's "Baudolino". Recommended. Thank you, Shachar, for giving it to me!), I drove places in the company car (got two months with it, and with salary, from first notice till actual end of employment. Ending in about two weeks), I met lots of friends and recorded much music in the studio.
And yesterday I bought a motorcycle.

In fact, I bought it two days ago, but I let it stay in the motor-shop for fittin' & fixin', plus I wanted to take driving lessons before touching a bike again, since more than ten years have passed since I last touched such a vehicle. And lessons I took, two hours of continual driving. T'was rather nice, driving in line with all them highschool students trying to master the art of understanding what the teacher means by saying "turn right at the second roundabout".
The bike, if you're interested in such things, is a Kawasaki ER-5, '97 model, which did only about 25,000km on the road (which is VERY little for any kind of vehicle). I'm not yet sure what I'm gonna call it (him? dunno. Time will tell), and I wait for our relationship to get more meaningful before that.
Driving it is unbelievable fun.

All I need now is a job to ride to daily, and my life will get on the right track.

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