Flight Stimulator

Once upon a time, about a year and a half ago, I had a birthday – an event which for some reason I tend to oppose more and more as the years go by, not only regarding myself but also anyone else's.
And K, bless her gentle soul, had a special surprise for me. I knew that because she told me she's gonna have that special surprise for me almost a year in advance. I didn't know what the surprise would be, just that it's going to be one.
I, as opposed to K, have no problem whatsoever dealing with surprises. I therefore forgot about it entirely, except for the occasional chatter of K on the subject, and had my life pretty well made up for me, and time went by.
Then that silly day arrived, and I got my surprise.
An airplane. A remote-controlled, fuel-engined airplane.
I've been thinking of buying myself one since I was no higher than its wing-span.
It is, actually, one of the best birthday presents I've ever had. However, a minor problem presented itself immediately. K, innocent lass that she is, was absolutely sure that her noble companion, namely myself, is a man of high mechanical skills, a steady hand, an ability of building and assembling anything under the sun. This assumtion, which she arrived upon by the uncommon sight of a death struggle I had with a drill one day when we were a month together, plus my unwise remarks concerning a hobby I had once, of assembling, or rather – mutilating, plastic airplanes models, this aforementioned assumption led her to the conclusion that my delight at having the plane will only be multiplied when I find out that it is the most complicated-to-build contraption she could find at the store. In fact, in order to build the thing, one has to own a workshop, and maybe hire a helping hand or two.
K expressed mild disappointment upon hearing this unoptimistic view of the situation, and insisted that I try. I tried reading the instructions and have probably fainted, since I fail to reckon what happened later. I then called several friends who are, as opposed to me, people of high mechanical skill, steady hands and the rest of it, but we couldn't find the time to do it. I consulted my father, but he was of no help either – he suggested buying a remote-controlled chopper. The plane, meanwhile, was stored in our living room, a constant reminder to my failure as a man and a receiver of gifts, a fact which K had no hesitation in mentioning to myself as well as other guests in the house.
Time passed.
About two weeks ago, a couple of friends visited us. We all sat in the living room, and then one of them said, in a very loud voice, to my opinion, "is that a plane?"
"Well," said K, "now that you mention it…" and gave me one of her famous stares.
"It is a matter of your point of view," I said. "Just like Schroedinger's cat."
"You see, phylosophically speaking…"
"Oh, no," said K. "You won't get away that easily."
"…if the cat is still unassembled, 'in the box', as some would say, we can reach the conclusion that…"
"The plane has 'been in the box' for just too long. Either you fix that situation, or I'm not buying you another birthday present in my life."
The mildly-long argument that followed ended, like the majority of arguments in this household, with the conclusion that something must be done, and that it is I who must do it. I therefore visited the shop in which the plane was purchased, several days ago. "Listen, lad," I told the sixty-something years old man behind the counter, "I need this plane to be built. Name your price."
It was rather cheap, actually, except for some extra gear I had to buy, and fuel, and an additional servo, and a motor-ignition kit, and some other stuff which I forget but soon will find out about.
Today I got it, brought it home. It is beautiful, if I may say so myself, after all the effort I put into assembling it.
Now I have to find someone with a car who'll drive me to the training field.

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  1. OMIGOD!
    I have another semi-assembled beautiful trainer plane here, and I'm looking to get someone to finish it off and fly it. I also have a computer-connection cable for the remote and flight software to simute flying a RC-plane, with the remote, as opposed to using keyboard & mouse.
    If you are at all interested, let me know.


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