Having a Good Mix Day, which I had today in my studio, might be comparable to having a Good Hair Day, an expression I thought meaningless until meeting K. In fact, I always thought that a Bad Hair Day was a particularly silly collection of words, no matter the order. I don't reckon ever having a Bad Hair Day, even when I had hair reaching almost as low as my arse. Of course, being male might also have something to do with it.
But then it occured to me that even bald women must not be denied their Bad Hair Days. I reckon once dating a girl who really had a Bad Hair Day, yet said hair was not located on her head, alas, but rather on her hands. She wasn't bald, however, so this might not count. And I dated her only once. I also had the misfortune of being in the vicinity of a woman who had a really Bad Hair Day, or year – in her armpits. I will not go further down, I think, though I keep hearing horrible stories. Maybe what women mean, when they say "Bad Hair Day" – and they do say so, even though most of us know it's a horrible cliche – is indeed that lower-down hair and whatever's in the vicinity, and thus this expression is somewhat the equivalent of the male-ish "I don't give a dick about you".
This is, of course, because no man will ever say "I'm having a bad dick day". Ever.
Though some of them do.
Not me, of course. Oh, no. I'm always ready, and very manly about it. Ask everyone. And anyway, I've been shaving my head for some five years now, so the question is irrelevant, as far as I'm concerned. No, with me it's really "I don't give a dick about you". Always. But some of the guys I know…

So I had a Good Mix Day, and no hair was involved.

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  1. My first instinct was to write here "having a Bad Hair Day?" – but then I got hold of what's left of my manners, so, in fact, you haven't read this reply either.


  2. I am, in fact, having a bad hair day, in that I'm having a day in which my hair (the one on my head) looks bad. I'm still not sure how you got from hairdos to penises but I'm sure your therapist can help you in that area.


  3. This is what happens to a guy who has a boss entering his room while writing a journal reply about bad hair days.


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