Girls are Illogical

For many years I was girlfriend-less, going along more or less alone, with the occasional one night stand or sex-only-relationship – the usual thing. At the time, I reckon, I almost never had it easy. I had to show off my intelligence, or musical ability (which had a particularly nice effect back at the time when much more than pretence), or sense of humor (most victims ran away at this point), or whatever. In short, I had to work for it.
And then, almost four years ago, Keren came along.
Since then, girls are trying to hit it off with me everywhere I go.
Is this logical?
And, more importantly – is this fair?

The only major problem with the above story is the fact that, as some people who know me personally will comment immediately, my ultra-perception powers comes to a dead end when it comes to the romantic field. That is, a girl can try to hit it off with me for hours and I will not notice. I tend to think that she's really interested in science fiction, or music, or story writing, or whatever subject I dragged the discussion, kiciking and screaming, into. Usually it is Keren who notices that one side of the conversation isn't as innocent as the other.
She never saves those girls. In fact, she likes to watch. Sometimes, in parties, she'll also tell some friends, and all will have a good time watching a poor manhunter getting an hour's worth of Philip K. Dick.

But recently the fire got so hot that even the thickest kettle notices.
Oh, well. Life's tough.

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  1. before I got married, I always heard of how girls absolutely love hitting on married guys, how it's a challenge, how the ring brings them all and binds them (well, ok, not that, but you get my drift). Ever since I'm a married man, I've been waiting for this to happen, but I get nothing. Nil. I flaunt my marital status everywhere I go, and no girl as of yet has given me the pleasure of turning her down. This is totally unfair.


  2. Y'know, they say, "nothing succeeds like success."
    Here's another rule, discovered by Guy: barely clad, young and appetizing female hitch-hikers will appear in your way ONLY when you're driving with your lawful GF in the passenger's seat. Or, nowadays, ex-GF, who has exactly the same effect on said hitch-hikers.
    But that's not even the "nothing succeeds like success" rule, it just has to do with dear uncle Murphy and with the perversity of this universe we live in.

    You poor, poor thing. Remind me to feel sorry for you sometime.


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