The Scottish Affair

Tonight Guy Hasson and I are flying to Scotland, where we'll meet later tomorrow with Lavie Tidhar, forming once again our own Israeli SF writers' superhero outfit, the Tremendous Trio, which is quite a bit like the four horsemen of the apocalypse, only three and without the horses and the horsemen.
And there, in Glasgow, we'll attend the World Science Fiction Convention, though, as opposed to some other people, who spent months planning in advance and getting their lectures and panels just right, we're probably going to spend most of our time mingling, talking to people and generally being a nuisance.
In fact, Guy and I still have no idea where we're going to stay, as we've made no reservations and Guy utterly refuses to carry my four-room tent. We'll probably sleep in the gutter. Or take advantage of the fact that we were invited in advance to a German Room Party, and sleep over there, hoping that by then the nice hosts won't notice or will be too drunk to care. That might work for a night or even two. Afterwards we'll have to find something else.
I wonder whether they have Swedish room parties too.

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  1. Yeah. But I need to remind Guy about it. Until twenty minutes ago he was sure that we fly tomorrow. Came as quite a shock to him.

    (The trip has not began yet, but already I've plenty to write home about. I wonder if it'll continue in this vain.)


  2. (to be read in a thick scottish accent)
    "Glasgow, the most dangerous city in the world, where everybody's a suspect… until he becomes a victim."


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