A Jingle

This little guy I know,
can't face the answer "no!"
And therefore I give up,
in hope to shut his trap.
Go buy his book, ok?
From Amazon UK,
or if you really care,
straight from the publisher.
The U.S. residents,
both lovely gals and gents,
are welcome to acquire,
at Shocklines or by wire.

What are friends for, eh, Lavie?

3 תגובות בנושא “A Jingle

  1. Well, when you get a username on LJ, there's this page called "friends", where you can read what people on your "friends" list write in their journals.
    So "friends" are "people whose journals you read". I'm really surprised that you don't know that. But then again, I really shouldn't expect you to understand the meaning of "friendship", seeing that you refuse to get yourself an LJ.


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