Sleeper in Flight

Riding a motorcycle through a hail storm is probably the closest one can get to a real, honest to god Star Wars X-Wing combat. And it is only slightly more dangerous.

Side note: anything thinking that wetness has anything to do with sex or attraction should be forced to wear my riding shoes – socks included – for a month. Then we'll see.

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  1. He who does not wear his winter gear (or does not bother to procure it) shall be wet. I would assume that you are riding with the cheapest helmet you could find, and no protective gear at all.
    I would also venture to guess that in summer-time, you do not wear any protective gear and – yes I can see it now – arrogant enough to think that you know how to drive, and you will not slide and nobody will accidently run into you.
    See you seen at the hospital near you.
    BTW – unlike car accident injuries – bike injuries tear the body to pieces. literally.
    Keep the rubber side down.


  2. Interesting anonymous comments.
    When it comes to driving in the rain, you seriously need to rethink your priorities – keeping dry vs not.
    Get a 100% dry winter coat, heavy gloves and pull-over rain pants, and you stay dry as a mouse, even thru the worst of the battles.
    In any case, whomever comes up with: a. a non-fogging visor and b. visor wipers, gets my vote.


  3. Alas, you are mistaken. I've a (used) riding coat which used to cost 2500NIS, totally water-proof. I've a summer ridig coat too. Both by Dainese. And my helmet isn't the cheapest either. And gloves. And nylon pants. And waterproof high shoes.
    But water has this nasty habit of getting into the shoes, from above.

    So, alas, you see wrong.


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