Poison River Station, day 612

Today saw the last recording session of the Pita Morgana band. Yaron is returning to Boston next week (we'll have one more drums-only recording session before that), and that would be that.
During the last several days I've had almost no sleep, trying to quickly write enough songs so that the Pita album will contain more than 30 minutes of music. Thus, "My Uncle Gave Me a Time Machine" was written and composed somewhere around 3AM last thursday, then recorded some time around 11AM, and the same process followed yesterday with "Dark Side of the Sun" and today with "Zero G Shower". Give me another week and I'll write a double-feature… but there are no other sessions, and I'll have to settle for what's already there. Which is not bad. According to my calculations, we've some seconds past the 30 minutes barrier. I might write a song to be performed with guitar only, just as to make sure that the album is long enough.
The result, however, of all this intensive late-night writing, is that I'm unbelievably tired. I'm a zomby. A robot. The ghost of a sunken fish.

And tonight I'm going down to Eilat, to perform there with Funkapella III. It'll be our first show. We were supposed to fly there but, alas, we'll only fly back. Lack of tickets. Silly production. Nevermind – at least I'm going to have some quality time with a mattress. I promise to use it.

And now, I'll go and spend my time napping at work. As usual.

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